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Adobe XD New Features

Adobe decided to introduce some interesting new features that will be available for Adobe XD. We know that prototyping is a foundation for Adobe XD but these prototyping features are excellent. They now have speech playback and voice triggers, which makes Adobe XD extremely unique and special. Compared to other apps, this one is more advanced as it connects screen and voice prototyping at one go. Other than that, there are other new features like third-party plugins and animation support.

The third-party plugins allow the users to think of new ideas and then integrate those to extend their platforms. They can easily customize XD based on their requirements. Get access to reliable Website Design Freelancer KL services.

Voice Prototyping - How does it work?

The newest trend is the voice implementation that is being integrated into our daily lives. It’s a no brainer that Adobe wanted to create this voice prototyping feature. Now it is easier for users to interact.

The interaction is quite simple, and it begins when you say specific words or phrases. Once you say something, the speech playback feature allows you access to the text-to-speech engine. This means that users can design and create new platforms like smart speakers and voice assistants.

Third-Party Plugins - Helpful for Developers

This feature allows designers to use a bunch of stuff like tools that can leverage their designs. It now offers integration with other apps like JIRA, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. This feature is an excellent addition to Adobe XD. But it does not end here as the main idea is to make Adobe XD available to developers across the world, so people interested in plugins can learn about them on their website.

Integration with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe XD It can be integrated with Illustrator that allows users to open documents, direct them, and edit them. These two can now operate together, thanks to Adobe XD.

These are a few of the exciting features that have been integrated into Adobe XD.