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Top web design tips to grow your business exponentially

With online marketing being the future, businesses are focusing more on improving their websites and other eCommerce portals. They are working on enhancing consumer experience by designing intuitive and more dynamic websites. The sole aim of today’s brands is to make their online marketplace more engaging for their customers.

So, while you are busy planning various marketing strategies and ways to grow your brand, you must not take your website design for granted. A good website has the potential to increase your conversion rates, thus boosting your visitors and reaches. Moreover, an attractive website conveys a strong message and reflects your brand personality. To help you get started, we will be discussing the top trendy web design tips that you must try in 2020 to grow your business.

1. Animated Calls to Action
Before your audience leaves, grab his/her attention through the use or animated call-to-action buttons. Most of the time, a visitor won’t be knowing what to do next or how to get to his/her desired product without hassles. Make sure to guide them in a fun way using animated calls to action and other interactive elements. Graphics animations and dynamic images sell more!

2. Integrate Artificial Intelligence
Living in the 21st century and not incorporating AI and machine learning technologies into your digital marketing strategies, especially your website would be a huge loss! You simply need to think out-of-the-box from the usual and boring brick-and-mortar eCommerce store. For instance, by simply integrating smart chatbots or other intelligent search features and special personalisations are bound to enhance the consumer engagement scores. The idea is to make each consumer feel special, thus increasing brand loyalty.

3. Custom Typography
Website font styles and sizes play a huge role in boosting audience engagement rates and have a specific impact on the visitors. Gone are the days when website text typography only meant Times New Roman or Arial! With so many playful and energetic typography available in any CMS, you can always create your custom font styles and give a sense of uniqueness to your eCommerce portal.

4. Focus on the Visuals
If you are planning to use stock photography, make sure that you get more photos of people to give a realistic touch to your website. Moreover, buyers tend to respond and believe other people more. You can also experiment with various shapes, faces, and colours to enhance your site’s visual appeal. Further, you must use engaging and dynamic visuals to guide visitors towards what they are looking for. Incorporating videos double up the interest of the audience since about 78% of netizens watch videos regularly.

5. Remember the Fold!
Just like a newspaper, make sure to keep all the major sections of your website above the fold. Try to provide your visitor with the maximum information s/he is looking for on the first visible area that loads before scrolling down. Also, write catchy headlines, page titles, or one-liners to grab the attention of the audience for long. Moreover, an interesting caption would naturally make the visitor go ahead and check out what else you are offering.

To conclude, you must make your users feel special and comfortable and guide them well towards making an informed decision. Hold their attention through vivid visuals and dynamic graphics and menus, and do represent our brand in a subtle way through the use of custom themes, fonts and colours.

To come up with more concrete decisions, doing thorough research on your customers, both exciting and new, and monitoring their buying behaviours would help! In short, make sure your website is asking the audience to progress towards the right path!

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