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G-mail Redesign Services for Android & iOS

Gmail is one of the most popular free email services in the world. Google brought it, and it continues to grow with thousands of people using Gmail every day. Recently Gmail went for a significant redesign for android and iOS. The older version is called Gmail 8 Version, and the latest version Gmail 9.x seems to have a few differences. Interestingly, both android and iOS have the same characteristics. Let’s have a look at the changes. To know more, you can get assistance from a reliable Freelance Website Design.

New Design

The Gmail app that is available on mobile devices matches the desktop interface. The red color, which was the most prominent color, is now gone, which means that now only a white space remains that will separate your mails from one another. They have also introduced rounded corners. But the font, Roboto Sans, remains the same, which is also the same as Google’s logo.

Inbox Intensity and Account Switchers

With the new design, the header image, which is now used to switch profiles, is located at the top right side of the search bar. Once you tap on that, you will be presented with options to switch between profiles, and it also tells you which profile you are using at the moment.

Choosing Views

If you open your Gmail for the very first time, you will get a welcome message that will allow you to choose a view for your inbox density. You can choose among “Default,” “Comfortable,” and “Compact.” The Default view shows the line of preview text, contact icons, and a new row of the attachment buttons. The Compact view removes the contact pictures and the preview text line, and finally, the Comfortable view eliminates the attachment rows.

It is tricky to say if this was a significant redesign after all because the dark mode is still not available. The significant change here is the inbox density and the all-white layer.