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Google Chrome turns 10 – New Designs and Features

Google Chrome is one of the most popular search engines globally, and it recently turned 10! As a gift to its loyal users, Google announced some cool new improvements. The browser will now have a new look and will also function differently.

Some of the primary changes include visual changes. It will now have bright colors, round tabs, and a whole new interface. The round design is the most appreciated in Google Chrome because it is more practical, and things look more distinct. Hire reliable Freelance Web Design Malaysia services for optimum results.


Chrome is changing after a whole decade. The app will now become flattered and will have a more rounded design. The website icons, menus, and other elements will be simplified for a more modified look. It has also worked on its password manager and autofill functionalities. Moreover, it will now generate strong passwords that can be linked to your google accounts.

Searching has now been made easy and simplified. Users can use the search bar to see results. You do not need to open a separate bar to get your results. It will merely show up under your request. You can also search for specific tabs from the search box. This makes it even more organized and improves user experience. To make things even better, you can also search through your Google drive from that same search bar.

Things will become a lot easier as you can create shortcuts for your websites. You do not have to waste time looking for websites as all of them would be saved already. Another fun fact, you also choose a background image for the browser.

Google is continually trying to improve different aspects of the browser. These improvements will make our lives a lot better because we cannot live without Googling stuff.