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Latest Web Design Trends & Themes

Each year we see a steady development in web designs, and each year we are introduced to so many new designs. But with things changing, the new predictions suggest that we may see a more realistic approach than going crazy with sci-fi web designs. An effort to blend in the ordinary and the digital can be seen, which will reflect that websites have become a part of our everyday lives. Get the most of reliable Web Design Freelancer Malaysia services.

Here are a few of the web designs that will create all the rage.

1. Parallax Animation – This year, we saw the popularity of web-based animation trends, and 2021 will get more complicated with revolutionary designs that will create a parallax effect.

2. Neumorphism – Neumorphism has been a trending design this year, and it will continue to rule 2021 as well. A successor to Skeuomorphism, this design ideally makes simplistic designs making it more unified.

3. Abstract Art Compositions – Abstract shapes look very artsy, and incorporating them in designs can be an incredible idea. 2021 will see designers using these abstract designs but in a more complex way by turning them into exciting compositions.

4. Comfortable Colours – It is not surprising to know that most users spend their time in front of their computer screens. This causes eye strain for most users, so web designers are now aiming to create designs that are soothing to the eye and appealing. 2021 will see an increased use of soft colors for web designing.

5. Design for Causes – With Covid – 19 impacting our lives, we have seen a steady rise in internet activities. Many web designers are now creating robust, impactful designs that are targeting the audience, and this is making a huge difference. 2021 will see a similar approach as well where web designers will create such impactful designs.

6. White Space – Modern website design is all about adopting the concept of minimalism. Therefore, the designers are increasingly making use of the innovative white spaces for allowing visitors to navigate the site conveniently.

7. Full-page Headers – Web designers are going forward with adopting header variations. The entire set-up involves including CTA or Call to Action buttons along with some eye-catching images.

8. Playful Cursors – Modern websites display cursors that ensure that the overall viewing experience is appealing. Using this scheme, the visitors can have an engaging experience with your site.

9. Dynamic Scrolling – A unique version of dynamic scrolling helps in setting varying speeds for the foreground as well as background of the site for delivering the visitors the unique 3D effect.

These are the few trending web designs that were popular in 2020 and will continue to trend in 2021.